• Forget-Me-Not


    Forget-Me-Not | Forglemmegei is a melancholic short film exploring loss, grief and denial, following the journey of a stubborn old man as he struggles to accept the fate of his closest friend.


    Forget-Me-Not is a story created from tales of Norwegian folklore and is meant to be an homage to Ivo Caprino the creator of Flåklypa Grand Prix.


    The style that was chosen was to mimic the art of classic stop motion through digital 3D animation.


    Forglemmegei has been shortlisted for a BAFTA award, received both 'Best of The Month' and 'Staff Pick' from VIMEO, and won both 'audience awards' and 'best student film' since its release in 2019.

  • Making of

    I worked as:


    • 3D Modeler (Environment & Props)
    • Texture Artist
    • Rigger
    • Digital Sculpter
    • Set Designer